Why Justin and Dylan left.

Written on December 9th, 2011 by Edward

Well, I said on facebook that I’d be writting an explaination of what exactly happened with Justin and Dylan leaving so abruptly. Though I’m not exactly sure where to start?

I guess I’ll start by saying, there had been alot of problems relating to Justin for quite some time. Over the past several months, he’s been in a sort of malaise, always seeming extremely unhappy with pretty much every aspect of his life, in one way or another. Which is neither here nor there really. Everyone has periods of life where things just seem to suck.
What exactly his “real” issues were, with anything…I don’t know. He never really explained any of that to me, and I didn’t ask too much. I figured, if he wanted to talk about his issues, he’d talk about them. All I knew was that he was definitely not happy, with himself or pretty much anything in his life for quite a long while. So he blamed alot of his unhappiness on the band. Which mean that alot of that unhappiness and irritation, ended up falling onto me.
Justin at some point got it into his head that he had “no say” in the band. Meaning, he thought, other than being the drummer of EiLF, he had no artistic input. Which really wasn’t true at all. He had as much say in things in the band, as I did. He felt this partly because I’ve written every song we do, failing to realize that this is simply by default. Had he written a good song, that made sense for us to play (i.e. seemed like an EiLF song) we would have done it. He just never wrote any songs.

Anyway…All of that, plus alot of other things, fed Justin’s growing unhappiness…and because I and the band were convenient, he blamed me and the band, for alot of his unhappiness. Which is unfortunate, but its hard to make someone happy when they dislike themselves.

Now, what exactly the “final straw” was for Justin, I’ll never really know. Could be tons of different things. Honestly, I asked him directly and he didn’t really tell me anything. So I don’t know. All I can say is he simply, just couldn’t do it anymore. For whatever reason.
For some reason he didn’t even tell me directly, he instead decided to call at 9am Sunday (dec. 4) morning, and spoke to my girl friend. Telling her “I have to quit the band,” and asked her to relay the message to me. Of course she woke me up immediately afterwards, and told me.
I called him and I asked him why, and his only reasoning was “I just can’t do anymore, I’m not feeling it.” Thats it. I tried to get a better explaination out of him, but he never really gave one. I mean, he said alot of things…but all of it basically amounted to nothing. Just alot of talking, with no real purpose, or real explaination at all. So I have really no idea what it really was.
Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what the reasoning was. The way things had been the past 2-3 months, I was expecting something like this, and was already on the look out for a replacement drummer. Though I was hoping I wouldn’t have to actually find one. Overall I like Justin and for the most part think he’s a good person. But the constant issues, unreliablity, and his unhappiness with everything, were always getting in the way of the band. He just hadn’t been dedicated in a while, was unhappy, and it was taking its toll on him, and the band.

As for Dylan’s departure, thats easy to explain. He and Justin are best friends, thats initially how Dylan became involved in the band. After Justin’s call early sunday morning, Dylan called me around 2pm or so, sounding very very upset and told me he’d just heard the news. Dylan loved being in the band, actually liked playing, He actually started learning bass simply to be in EiLF. He didn’t really want to leave, but being Justin’s best friend, he felt obliged to do so. No one can fault him for that, he’s a loyal, and good guy. Dylan did what he felt was right, he stood by his friend. That said I am still a bit sad to see him go.

Now that thats all out of the way…I’ll say it sucks that things went the way they did with Justin and Dylan, and I really hope Justin finds the happiness he was unable to find in the band. But regardless EiLF is still moving forward without this really being much of an issue.

Shortly after announcing Sunday that Justin and Dylan had left the band, my inbox was flooded with people wanting to try out, and friends willing to fill in until we find permanent replacements. This coming week, I’ll be trying out some drummers. Chris Dencker (Roxtar’s bassist, and good friend of the band, who played bass with us for a bit) has said he’d fill in on bass live when needed, until we find a permanent replacement. Myana Sky-Walker (EiLF’s original bass player) will be filling that permanent spot, as soon as she gets a car. Basically, this hasn’t turned out to be as negative as it seemed at first.

— Edward

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