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Full Uncharted Music News interview.

Written on September 30th, 2011 by Edward

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So the other day, I was interviewed (via email, oddly enough) by Joe Mayo, of¬†Uncharted Music News, as part of an article he wanted to write about the band. In my dealings with Joe, he seems like a really nice guy, that is genuinely in love with his job. So if ya get a chance,…


New site, free EP offer

Written on September 16th, 2011 by Edward

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Edward beautiful smokey 2

So it looks like the website is up now, apparently…So thats nice I guess. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you know who we are, or just really suck at using google. So thanks for visiting the site. We’ll be updating it, and adding more stuff as time goes on…But for now, go “like” us…


Angry Blowjob Face

Written on September 16th, 2011 by Edward

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Driving home from Practice the other night, Some asshole ended up behind me in the turn lane, to turn onto Harrison. So I’m sitting there, theres tons of traffic coming, and this asshole decides I’m not turning quick enough. Despite there not even being an opening to do so. So he apparently decided it would…


Last minute show with the Disastronots

Written on September 16th, 2011 by Edward

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So it seems like, just when things begin to look up, some sorta shit has to hit the fan, and…ya know, splatter shit all over the place. We’ve finally gotten this fucking website up and running, have shows booked, finished our EP, found a new bass player, etc. Good stuffs. Then the other night (Sept…



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