This will be the Soundtrack to your life.

You may not know it yet, but when you’re drawing your final breath, as the screen is fading to black, and the credits begin to roll. This is what you’ll hear.
At the same time, someday, as you’re simply walking through an alley, down a hall, across the street, or through the park. This is what will be in the back ground, the sound track to the movie that is your life.

Everything in life has a sound track. Whether its the birth of your child. Your first day at school or a new job. The day you met the girl you will someday marry. There is a sound track. There is a single song, that will forever be associated with that event. The event would never be quite as sweet without the right song, and the song would be meaningless to you, without the right event.

In an actual cinematic sense, a movie is no better than the music it contains. Just as your life is no better than the songs it attaches itself to. Whether its John Williams title music for the star wars movies, the instantly recognizable suspense filled music of jaws, or simply the ironically up beat version of “Blue Moon” by The Marcels during the closing credits of American Werewolf in London. The films wouldn’t ever be quite as good with out just the right song. Your life is no different.

For a life, its called a memory trigger. The Triggers are different for everyone, and every situation. Sometimes its smells, sometimes it the feel of something, sometimes its simply a song.
You’ll step outside and feel the first breath of winter blow across the back of your neck as a truck drives by and fills your nose with the grinding assault of diesel exhaust. Suddenly you’re back outside the house you grew up in, eight years old, getting ready to step onto the school bus.
You’ll smell the bitter stench we all know as vinegar, and suddenly you’ll be standing in your grandmothers kitchen, 3 years old again, watching her can tomato’s and pickles. Wondering why anyone would ever willingly eat such a thing, or waste their time with such a pointless endevour.
Or You’ll hear “1979″ by the Smashing Pumpkins. You’ll be in the back seat of your friends beat to shit Chevy Van. 15 years old, smoking pot for the first time, on your way to see your first real concert, sitting next to the girl that would give you your first taste of love.
But the smell fades, the sound goes away, the cold loses its grip, and the song ends…And you end up right back where you were before. Ten, Twenty, maybe thirty years away from those memories. They fade back to the background, and those things that were just seconds ago clear as day, are once again a million miles away. Those faces you saw so clearly, won’t ever be seen again in any real sense.
The triggers are different for everyone, and every situation. But its always the same. The trigger always gets pulled. A shot rings out, only in you. Your synapses open up. And, For just a Moment. You are back where you were before. Where you never truly can be again.


Kelci Cox

JJ Crash


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