A little bit to the left…

Written on June 18th, 2013 by Edward

Well, after taking what I’ve deemed to officially be “Forever”…The album we’ve been working on for so long, is finally completely finished.

I’d like to have some sort of weird funny story to explain why it took so long…But I don’t. It was partially laziness, partially a series of insane situations I won’t get into, but mostly it was just the way shit panned out… Regardless, it is finally done. And we’re all quite pleased with it. (actually surprisingly pleased with it all things consider, I personally expected to hate it by the time we were done)

Now that all said, there’s a few things I’d like to point out for anyone interested.
First, There is individual “cover art” for each song. Basically, there’s twelve tracks for the album, and twelve alternate covers…Depending on which song you click on. These alternate cover art pieces will only be available in digital form…Cause I mean really, who wants an album booklet just full of random pictures the band liked? Certainly not me. Plus it’d cost a lot to print, and most people won’t give two shits either way…Not to mention, most people buy digital anymore anyways. (who did each cover is indicated in the credits for whatever song they were used for, for anyone interested in such things)

Second, while we are doing an initial release online, we are also going to be doing physical copies. Most likely CD, but possibly vinyl if its financially feasible. But thats still in the works at the moment as we’re trying to drum up funding for that. If you’re interested in getting a physical copy, CD’s will cost as much as a digital download. An I’m sure there’ll be some sort of extra surprise for anyone that buys one…Though who knows what.
If you are interested in a physical copy, rather than digital only…send us a message via our contact form, so we have an idea of how much interest there is for the CD’s before we get them to the pressing. It’d kinda suck to not print enough for everyone that wants one.

Third, we tried to piece the album together in such a way, that it is one cohesive piece (i.e. meant to be listened all the way through without skipping tracks). Especially the last five songs, for reasons I won’t explain. So that’s really the way it’s intended to be heard…it tells a story…sort of. But that said, listening to it any other way you choose won’t make it make any less sense than it already doesn’t. I mean, we made it…we like to think its something important…But ultimately, its just a rock album, with loud noises, fuzzy guitars, pounding drums, and lyric’s that probably seem completely nonsensical. So whatever.

Fourth, and last…Our old EP 052811, will continue to be available online for awhile for free. So if you want it, I’d suggest downloading it soonish. We will be taking it down permanently in after a while, cause it doesn’t really represent us as a band anymore. After that, it will most likely not be available at all, or only in physical copies at shows (until we run out of discs at least).

Anyways, we just hope you love this album as much as we do. Hopefully you’ll think it was worth all the time and effort we put into it.

If not, I guess that’s ok.
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— Edward

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